For more than 25 years, Mari-Anne has been in charge of arranging large events and big scale entertainment for public and private sector. Full of top spirits, she is well aware of the value of inspiring to enthusiasm and job satisfaction in her team. After many years in the thriving business of event, she is still convinced that success is a matter of good, solid and selective cooperation.

Cell phone: +47 41 44 71 57



Project manager

Susanne is responsible for organizing arrangements, logistics, bookings, reports and several other issues calling for an organized mind. She is well experienced in handling demanding service assignments and follow-up of events and arrangements. A thread in Susanne´s previous career is to have a cool head and a warm heart, which is hand in glove with the Scenorama company philosophy.

Cell phone: +47 90 66 94 96




Project manager

When Elisabeth is involved in a project, she provides a wealth of creative ideas and solutions. Her analytical skills, along with a solid background in communications and extensive experience in the hotel and banking service industry, makes her complete in her role at Scenorama. She believes that clear objectives are essential for efficient collaborations and the ability to provide great strategic services.

Phone: +47 99 52 94 96




Creative director

For 15 years, Per educated musical artists of tomorrow. At the same time, he directed, produced and co-wrote a larger number of musical plays. In all, this gave him a solid platform in the business of musicals. Per is also the mastermind behind several educational provisions and a range of well-known productions. Additionally, he served as communications advisor for public and private business.
Cell phone: +47 959 92 620

Telefon: +47 95 99 26 20




Copy, director and technical intermediary


Hallgeir is well known for his performing skills on stage, both show and cabaret. Apart from directing and writing for stage, he is also a popular communications advisor. Hallgeir is engaged in several TV commercials, and is currently enrolled to play a part in a national TV-comedy.


Janicke Barsnes-


Choreographer and producer


Being an experienced choreographer, performing dancer and artist, Janicke has been involved in multiple productions for stage, TV and movies. Several national productions are on her list of production achievements. Some of the most prominent theatres in Norway have all made excellent use of Janicke´s professional choreographic skills.


Granrud Skaaret


Scenography and decor


Ingrid is educated musical artist and scenographer at The Norwegian College of Musical Theatre in Oslo and the Academy of Theatre in northern Noway. Her speciality is scenography and stage fitments. She is also a pictorial artist, regularly exhibiting her own creative work to the public.




Artist and creative intermediary


Rune is an experienced actor, singer and master of ceremonies, educated at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg. His achievements also include a large number of productions. The past years, Rune played the lead in well-known musicals such as West Side Story and Miss Saigon at national theatres around Norway as well as national TV channels.